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Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments at HearingLife Canada

When tinnitus sufferers are told to learn to live with it, part of the solution to this is to give people access to options for treating or managing their tinnitus.  We are proud to announce that with our new partnership with HearingLife Canada starting this month, we are now able to make tinnitus treatments available […]

Tinnitus: Sound and Reaction

There is plenty of evidence that it is not just the hearing brain that is involved with tinnitus. There are other parts of the brain called the amygdala (our emotional computer) and the hippocampus (related to memory storage) that seem to be linked to chronic and bothersome tinnitus.  The amygdala is our emotional computer while […]

Who Else Hears This Constant Sound?

Tinnitus does not always get the attention it deserves for different reasons. One reason we want to focus on today is the prevalence of tinnitus.  Just how many people have tinnitus and live with it?  We see different numbers put out there:  1-3% of the population all the way to 15% of the population.  But […]

Clinical trial results: Statistically significant improvement in tinnitus

Clinical Trial Results – Tinnitus Treatment Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Inc. takes pride in running a rigorous clinical trial to test the treatment effects of the product. The controlled trial strictly follows the highest standard for clinical trials with randomization, allocation concealment, a placebo group, and with blinding in place. The trial ensures robust and accurate results. The results below reflect the […]

Suffering Musicians

  When you think of a rock star, there are many things that come to mind, but tinnitus is not usually one of them. Unfortunately, many musicians suffer from tinnitus because of years of exposure to loud sounds: concerts, practice, and just listening to music. For some, hearing protection does not feel practical, and for […]

Sound therapy’s positive effects presented at 2015 Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference!

In October, Sound Options’ positive results on tinnitus was presented at the 2015 Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference (CAA), the national association for audiology in Canada!  We’re honoured to be sharing the sound therapy’s findings at the CAA, and educating audiologists, researchers and other professionals in the hearing space about the tinnitus treatment. Sound Options […]